Foreign Customer

Established in 1886,
Isetan aims to become the department store that
provides customers dreams and excitement of shopping,
with "customer first" philosophy.

ISETAN Foreign Customer Service
6F, Main Building, Isetan Shinjuku Store
Direct Tel. No. 03-3225-2514
Email: in English or Japanese text only)

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4 Apr.
Monday through Sunday : 10:30 - 20:00


* Some shops may not be available or may relocate due to renovation.


Access map

Access to Isetan from underground passage

Please head for Exit B5, B4, B3 for all trains.
Duration from station:

  1. Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line: Shinjuku-sanchome stn.1 min. by foot
  2. Toei Shinjuku Line: Shinjuku-sanchome stn.3 min. by foot
  3. JR Line: Shinjuku stn. (East Gate) 5 min. by foot
  4. Odakyu Line: Shinjuku stn. 7 min. by foot
  5. Keio Line: Shinjuku stn. 7 min. by foot
  6. Seibu Shinjuku Line: Seibu Shinjuku stn. 5 min. by foot
  7. Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line: Shinjuku-sanchome stn. 2 min. by foot
  8. Toei Oedo Line: Shinjuku Nishi-guchi stn. 10 min. by foot

Parking lot of the Main building, Park City Isetan 1 and other Isetan associated parking lot is available.
For details please feel free to contact us.


  • For All Foreign Customers

  • For Tourists
  • For Foreign Residents
  • Customized Services
  • Interpretation / Attendant Service
    6F Main Building, Foreign Customer Service
    English, Chinese and Korean speaking staff will assist your shopping in the Main Building and the Men's Building.
  • Hands-free Shopping
    Each floor, Main & Men's Building
    Items purchased at Isetan Shinjuku can be sent to the "Pick Up Counters" and picked up after your shopping. Please inquire the sales staff upon your payment at the shop.
  • Baby Rest Area
    6F Main Building
    Crib, nursing room (no men allowed), microwave oven, hot water (97℃ and 60℃), restrooms for parents and children, beverage vending machine, family room (reservation based) are available.
  • Japan Post Bank ATM
    7F Main Building
    Business hours: <Weekdays>10 a.m. to 10 p.m. <Sat., Sun., National holidays>10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    Money withdrawal available by credit cards or cash cards issued by overseas financial institution (cards that have either VISA, VISAELECTRON, PLUS, China Union Pay, Master Card、Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, Diners Club, JCB、or DISCOVER logo are accepted).
  • Smoking and Drinking Space
    Rooftop Main Building
  • Coin Locker/ Lost & Found
    B1F Main Building / 1F Parking, Main Building
  • Money Exchange
    6F Main Building, Tax Refund Counter
    Money exchange machine provides exchange of 8 currencies (US Dollar, Chinese Renminbi, Euro, Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thai Bhat, and Hong Kong Dollar) to Japanese Yen (foreign currency to Japanese Yen only).
  • For All Foreign Customers
  • For Tourists

  • For Foreign Residents
  • Customized Services
    Tax Refund
    6F Main Building, Tax Refund Counter
    From March 29, 2012, our store has been charging 1% service fee for all tax refundable purchases. As of April 1, 2014, due to the raise of consumption tax, the service fee will be changed to 1.1%.
    We thank you for your understanding.
    Eligible applicant: Non-residents who made purchases at Isetan Shinjuku (substituted person not acceptable)
    Applicable period: Day of purchase
    Applicable items:
    • Any items not including consumable goods or services
      *Examples of non-refundable items: cosmetics, food, beverages, pharmaceutical goods, dining and wining, delivery charges, etc.)
    • Personal use (commercial use unacceptable)
    • To be taken out of Japan afer the time of purchase

    Amount requirement: Accumulative daily purchases of ¥10,001 or more (excluding tax) the store in one day.
    (Price tag at shops already include tax)

    Items required to claim tax refund:

    1. Receipts
    2. Your own passport
    3. Credit cards or other cards (if used)
      * card, receipts, and passport name must match

    Refund method: Cash refund

    * The handling fee will not be refunded back even afer the items are returned.

    Refund location: 6F Main Building, Tax Refund Counter

  • For customers who hold oversea Isetan Mitsukoshi Card Guest Card (Inbound Card for Foreign Customers)
    6F Main Building, Foreign Customer Service
    Guest Card

  • Hotel Delivery
    6F Main Building, Foreign Customer Service
    For purchases made at Isetan, we provide free delivery service to designated hotels.
    Time limit for accepting deliveries: 5:30 p.m. (once every day)
    Your purchase will be delivered to the hotel by 10 p.m. on the same day.
    For hotels marked with *, the time limit for accepting deliveries extends to 7:30 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and on particular days.
    [Designated hotels] (As of December 2011)
    • Shinjuku Area
      • Hilton Tokyo Hotel
      • Hotel Century Southern Tower
      • Hyatt Regency Tokyo
      • Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
    • Other Area
      Grand Hyatt Tokyo
      Imperial Hotel, Tokyo
      Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo
      The Peninsula Tokyo
      The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo
      Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
      The Westin Tokyo * Please note that personal effects, cash voucher, valuables, perishable food, items bought at other stores cannot be delivered. * Please note that delivery time could be delayed due to disaster, weather, and transportation condition. * For details, please inquire with the staff.
  • For All Foreign Customers
  • For Tourists
  • For Foreign Residents

  • Customized Services
  • Membership Card for Foreign Customers Residing in Japan
    6F Main Building , Foreign Customer Service
    For foreigners residing in Japan, the I Club Card, a cash purchase discount card of 5%, can be issued which could be used at Isetan group stores within the Kanto area (free of charge). The applicants must present their Alien Registration card or proof of residency. Some exceptions may apply.
  • For All Foreign Customers
  • For Tourists
  • For Foreign Residents
  • Customized Services

The following services are available on reservation. Please contact the Foreign Customer Service via email( or phone(03-3225-2514) to make your reservations.INQUIRY

  • Attendant Service
  • Ladies and Children
  • Food
  • Home Furnishings
  • Men
  • Interpretation/Attendant Service
    6F Main Building, Foreign Customer Service
    English, Chinese, and Korean speaking staff will assist your shopping in the Main Building and the Men's Building.
  • Store Attend Service
    All Floors in the Main Building and Men's Building
    Purchase consultations and suggestions. Focusing mainly on fashion but will also guide and assist in your purchases from the home furnishing floor to the food hall.
  • Accessory Repair/ Reform (subject to fee)
    1F Main Building, Accessory Repair Counter
    Resident artisans are always available. Processing after confirming whether repair or reform is possible and the estimate of the work. * Some repair or reform may not be acceptable. For more details please confirm with the staff.
  • Ladies Shoes Counseling
    2F Main Building, Ladies Shoes
    Expertise in feet and shoes, shoes counselors with measuring and fitting techniques (Isetan internal qualification) will choose shoes that fit. Also available from choosing shoes befitting various purposes to consultations with your leg problems. * After making reservation and before your visit to the store, we will confirm the consultation content by phone.
  • <Ladies Large Size> Clover Size Consulting Service
    3F Main Building, Clover Shop
    Color Analyst (Isetan internal qualification) and Fitting Advisors (Japan Department Stores Association certified) will assist you in your shopping as well as providing style advice that will be suitable to the customers.
  • Beaute Concierge (assistance in choosing cosmetics)
    1F Main Building, Cosmetics
    B2F Main Building, Beauty Apothecary
    After consulting with your skin conditions, the beaute concierge will guide you through products from skincare to foundations using catalogs from different brand of cosmetic products that are available on the cosmetic section in the 1st floor of Shinjuku Isetan Main Building. For customers with interest in the care of outer body and inner body, the beaute concierge will advise you to the products including face care, body care, and inner care available in the Basement 2nd floor of Beauty Apothecary.
  • Jewelry Order / Repair & Reform (subject to fee)
    4F Main Building, Jewelry & Watch/Jewelry & Watch Consultation Desk
    Create your one-of-a-kind jewelry. We also offer consultation for jewelry repair and renovation. * Depending on the jewelry, the repair content and the price will vary.
  • Select Wine by Sommelier
    B1F Main Building, Grand Cave
    Exclusive sommelier to the Grand Cave will give explanation on production area, type and flavor of wine. The sommelier will also help you choose a wine fitting your taste. For customers who purchase wine or sparkling wine, we will quickly chill the wine in about 15 minutes, if so desired, so the customer can take them back in appropriate temperature.
  • Select Japanese Sake by Sake Sommelier
    B1F Main Building, Japanese Sake
    The sake sommelier will explain the flavor, production area, ingredients, and making of sake and will help you choose the sake to your likings.
  • Select Japanese Tea by Japanese Tea Instructor
    B1F Main Building, Japanese Tea
    Japanese tea instructor will explain the production area and variety of tea and how the flavor changes depending on how you brew them and help you choose the tea to your liking.
  • Culinary Advice by Fish Experts
    B1F Main Building, Fresh Market
    With abundant knowledge in fish, Level 1 certified fish advisor will introduce seasonal fish as well as how to judge the freshness of the fish and also advise on cooking. We can cut the fish in any style depending on the method of preparation of the dish.
  • Chopsticks Name Engraving Service (partial subject to fee)
    5F Main Building, Japanese Dishware
    We can engrave names onto the purchased chopsticks. * Some exceptions may apply. * Please confirm with the staff for details.
  • Maternity and Baby Concierge
    6F Main Building, Maternity Wear/Baby Wear
    We consult from maternity wear, underwear, child care, first pregnancy to birthing concerns and worries. We also offer fun events such as nail and foot care and tea parties.
  • Name Engraving Service for Fountain or Ballpoint Pen (partial subject to fee)
    6F Main Building, Stationery Section
    We can engrave names on to purchased fountain or ballpoint pen.
    (Roman letters up to approximately 10 letters, single line only) * Please note that some items may not apply to this service. * Please confirm with staff for details of price and pick-up date.
  • Pillow
    5F Main Building, Bedding
    To provide a pleasant sleep, a specialist is available to help making a customized pillow depending on the request of the customer and style of bed.
  • Shoe Counseling for Children’s Shoes
    6F Main Building, Children’s Shoe Section
    Upon taking measurements and footprints, our shoe counselor (Isetan internal qualification) will help you choose the best fit shoes. Time of consultation will take approximately 30 minutes per child.
  • Furoshiki Wrapping Service
    7F Main Building, Kimono & Japanese Accessories Section
    We provide gift wrapping with the furoshiki purchased at Isetan. We also provide furoshiki wrapping of personal items.
  • Men’s Shoe Counseling
    B1F Men’s Building, Men’s Shoes
    Upon the choice of material, function and purpose, our shoe counselor (Isetan internal qualification) and shoe fitting staff will help you choose the best fit shoes for you.
  • Men’s Shoe Repair
    B1F Men’s Building, Men's Shoes
    We provide minor repairment to complicated repairment such as change of entire sole, mending of loose threads, color adjustments which require advanced techniques. We also accept consultation for difficult repairment and repairment of shoes purchased elsewhere. Depending on the repairment piece, it is possible to order the piece from the manufacturer. * Please ask staff for details.
  • Men’s Clothing Color Analyst
    Each floor, Men’s Building
    Color analyst (Isetan internal qualification) will help you choose the best color coordination for each customer.
  • Golf Club Testing
    7F Men’s Building, Golf Goods
    Testing room provided with a special screen showing the golf course. Professional lesson coach is available to consult in choosing the appropriate golf club.
  • “MBT” Shoe Fitting Service
    7F Men’s Building, Sportswear & Gear
    Shoe fitting and advice in walking style is available on a one-to-one basis by a “MBT” official trainer.
  • Water Cleaning (subject to fee)
    8F Men’s Building, Men’s Residence
    Applies for leather, fur, delicate clothing made by cashmere, handbags, shoes, leather accessories. Compared to the normal dry cleaning method, the advantage of water cleaning is that it does not have the typical scent of dry cleaning. Also, it protects from color changes and moth holes as well as molds. * Women’s wear and leather goods also acceptable
  • Men’s Wear Customer Service (subject to fee)
    8F Men’s Building, Men’s Residence
    In addition to minor alterations, reforming and re-designing of clothing available. Please feel free to consult the staff regarding clothing purchased overseas, as well as purchased at Isetan. * Please note that some clothing may not apply for this service.


For customers who have made purchases of tax refundable items of over 10,001JPY(tax excluded)per day at Isetan Shinjuku, By mentioning that you have viewed Isetan Homepage at Tax Refund Counter located on 6F of the Main Building, you will receive a complimentary gift(not for sale).